The DPCR shall develop, guide and steer a “community and service oriented” police organization in forging relationship with, informing, persuading, shaping perception of, and mobilizing the communities towards the need for respect for laws, maintenance of peace and orderliness, and safety of environment.


The DPCR envisions the evolution of Police Units and Police Officers into a “community and service” oriented organization working in partnership with a cooperative community towards a peaceful, orderly and harmonious community interactions.


1. Formulates Police Community Relations (PCR) plans, programs and policies geared towards enhancing community and citizen’s participation in support of the operational plans of the Philippine National Police;
2. Exercises primary staff supervision in the planning, direction, coordination, supervision and monitoring of all programs and activities pertaining to Public Information that enhances Police Community Relations (PCR);
3. Develops plans and programs designed to generate and shape good public perception towards the government in general and the PNP in particular;
4. Conduct studies and researches to assist national policy-makers in developing laws, plans and programs that are community based, service-oriented and gender sensitive, and are geared towards the maintenance of peace and order and the enhancement of public safety;
5. Forges relationship with the communities and assists other government agencies and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in the conduct of community mobilization activities contributory to the maintenance of peace, order and safety; and
6. Conducts coordination and liaising, and appropriate policing work for foreign nationals and cultural minorities, living, in transient or doing business in the Philippines.


• To restore public trust and confidence in the PNP; and
• To improve community participation and inter-agency coordination in support of police activities.

Specific Objectives

• Improve public perception, opinion, and attitude towards the PNP through publicity of individual and organizational accomplishments;
• Enhance public awareness and support on law enforcement, public safety, and internal security;
• Strengthen linkages with other pillars of the Criminal Justice System, other Government Agencies, and Non-Government Organizations; and
• Organize and mobilize sectoral organizations in support of police programs.