BARANGAYanihan Help and PNP Food Bank

Chief PNP PGEN GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR shall lead the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the launching of the “BARANGAYanihan Help and Food Bank.” Through the Police Community Affairs and Development Group (PCADG), the Police Regional Offices and the NSUs, the PNP is rolling out this effort nationwide that is designed as a proactive response to the current pandemic that brings with it economic, health and other problems. BARANGAYANIHAN aims to ease the burden of families in various barangays through providing them with the appropriate government services and community support for various needs. Chief, PNP ELEAZAR envisions this Project as a showcase of the Bayanihan Spirit, that is a hallmark of the Filipino resilience and compassionate culture.


Provide a template for police-community partnership that brings a combination of food (via the Food Bank) and bayanihan help and services for the people.
Create awareness and amplify the community affairs and development component in policing;
Strengthen PCP and barangay stakeholder/s partnership and collaborations;
Forge more robust ties with the grassroots constituents;
Manifest public’s (barangay folks and stakeholders) willingness and trust to work with the PNP; and
The Food Bank will serve as reservoir for donations that maybe used during disasters and calamities.


On May 13, 2021, the BARANGAYanihan Help and Food Bank will have its launching ceremony at the PNP Heritage Park, Camp BGen Rafael T Crame, Quezon City. The proposed highlights during the launching ceremony are:

Turnover of Donations from various stakeholders led by the CPNP PGEN GUILLERMO LORENZON T ELEAZAR.

Simultaneous (online) launching in PROs 1-13, CARAGA, CORDILLERA and NCRPO.

Ceremonial distribution of goods to target recipients.

Roll-out of the project through the delivery of donated items/goods to communities affected by natural/man-made calamities, disaster, and COVID-19 pandemic as part of the PNP’s mandate in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response and support to Barangay Development Program embodied in NTF ELCAC.

Through the PNP Food Bank, all donated items will be accounted and will pass the quality control to check its conditions particularly the perishable goods. The list of the beneficiaries will be recorded to ensure that every indigent families will benefit from this project. The PNP will strengthen its disaster preparedness by providing needs to those affected by natural calamities and national crisis. There will be continuous coordination to those individuals or groups that are generous and who are willing to extend help by providing food and non-food items as part of their social responsibilities. The PNP accredited NGOs and partner stakeholders will continue on their activities through the “BARANGAYanihan Help and Food Bank” project.

PCADG shall coordinate with the Directorate for Logistics (DL) for proper accounting and recording of all donated items prior to its distribution to target beneficiary.

PCADG shall turnover items to concerned PNP units for recording and proper utilization of donated items:

DL - Heavy equipment, ICT equipment, vehicles, hardware and construction supplies and materials
Health Service - Medical equipment, medicines, food supplements, vitamins, blood/organ donations and COVID-19 essentials
PCADG - food items, clothing, and other perishable items
Finance Service - cash or check donations

Concerned units shall coordinate with the PCADG prior to the distribution of goods to target recipients for amplification of Information Operations and development of PCR products.


The PNP through PCADG with the supervision of the Directorate for Police Community Relations in coordination with various PNP units/offices, PROs and NSUs and the valuable support of accredited PNP NGOs, partner Stakeholders, force multipliers, and community-based volunteers will implement the project.