DPCR Virtual Classroom

The DPCR Virtual Classroom is a teaching and learning environment located within a computer-mediated communication system. All activities and interactions take place through the computer instead of face-to-face.


Police Community Relations Reporting System (PCRRS)

Police Community Relations Reporting System (PCRRS) is an online information system capable of storage, retrieval, analysis, and display of accomplishments and significant activities of Police Community Relations Offices/Units. PCRRS is a database system which serves as a central repository of all PCR activities and accomplishments PNP-wide.

PCRRS is essentially a mechanism for monitoring the mission of an organization. That mission has usually been defined by a formal plan in terms of three distinct streams: the desired organization structure; the time-phased statement of organizational goals; and the critical variables for success.


Information Operations Data Tracking System (IODTS)

Information Operations Data Tracking System (IODTS) is a web-based information system that catalogs, indexes, locates, retrieves and stores data about Information Operations related significant activities, events and accomplishments of all PNP Units/Offices PNP-wide.


Administrative Records Management Systems (ARMaS)

ARMaS is the collaboration of information systems for administrative support that allow users to create, store, modify and extract information from the database into one (1) platform. It includes the following Information Systems namely; Personnel Data Information System (PDIS), Leave Management System (LMS), e-Journal, Calendar of Activities Management System and Firearms Records Management System (FaRMS).

1. Personnel Data Information System (PDIS) – a computer-based system that maintains information about DPCR personnel like personal, contacts, postings, qualification, educational background, trainings, awards etc..

2. Leave Management System (LMS) – system for tracking and managing employees' Leave.

3. Calendar of Activities Management System (CAMS) - monitoring of daily activities, meetings, conferences of DPCR Personnel

3. e-Journal – a daily record of events in chronological order.

4. Firearms Records Management System (FaRMS) - inventory of Issued Firearms


Text Blast Platform 

The Smart InfoCast Service is a web-based solution that has various Short Messaging System (SMS) services with the following capabilities: 

  1. Receive, give feedback, comments, suggestions, reply to queries and other user’s specific message straight to e-mail, internet inbox or any specific Smart mobile number;
  2. Provide general information announcements;
  3. Provide general user-specific data like grades, accounts, dues, account details, follow-ups, etc.;
  4. Conduct polls and surveys and provide real time results;
  5. Create customized SMS solutions; and
  6. Text broadcast to pre-registered Smart subscribers.

InfoCast is easy to use with the following features: 

  1. Quick and easy activation;
  2. Personalized access code – (PNP DPCR);
  3. No special hardware or software required, (only a computer with internet access is needed);
  4. Completely independent-clients can activate keywords and/or services through their own access; and
  5. For clients, it is totally FREE (the system only).


Communications Tracking Information System

Communications Tracking Information System is a system in recording and monitoring all internal and external communications that are being routed within DPCR.